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Suddenly: India’s graphite electrode prices will increase by 20% in the third quarter.

    According to the latest reports from overseas, the price of UHP600 in the graphite electrode market in India will rise from 290,000 rupees/ton (3,980 US dollars/ton) to 340,000 rupees/ton (4670 US dollars/ton). The execution period is from July to September 21.
    Similarly, the price of HP450mm electrodes is expected to rise from the current 225,000 rupees/ton (3090 US dollars/ton) to 275,000 rupees/ton (3780 US dollars/ton).
    The main reason for the price increase this time is the increase in the cost of imported needle coke, from the current US$1500-1800/ton to more than US$2000/ton in July 21.

Post time: Jun-17-2021