Graphite crucible

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Diameter range 300mm - 800mm or according to your requirements customized processing.

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Graphite crucible, crucible made of graphite material. Mankind has a long history of using graphite crucibles. The earliest people used natural graphite (flaky graphite and earthy graphite) and clay, slag or sand to mix into blanks, and pottery manufacturing processes were used to make graphite crucibles for smelting metals (copper , Iron, steel, etc.). Graphite crucible has high mechanical strength, refractoriness, thermal conductivity, can withstand multiple smelting and can resist the erosion of high temperature solution. Graphite crucible can melt malleable cast iron, cast steel, copper alloy, zinc alloy, copper solder, etc. With the development of modern industry, various metal industries use electric furnaces to smelt various metals, so the use of graphite crucibles using natural graphite as a material has been restricted. However, many small-scale industrial smelters continue to use this type of graphite crucible.
Since the advent of artificial graphite at the end of the 19th century, people have processed artificial graphite into graphite crucibles. The development and production of high-purity fine-structure graphite, high-strength graphite, glassy carbon, etc., graphite crucibles made of these materials broaden the application range of graphite crucibles.In addition to smelting metals, graphite crucibles are also used in the refining of precious metals such as gold and silver. , Atomic energy uranium smelting, semiconductor material silicon single crystal, germanium single crystal manufacturing, and applied to various chemical analysis.
Graphite crucibles are classified into natural graphite crucibles, man-made graphite crucibles, high-purity graphite crucibles, vitreous carbon crucibles, etc. according to their material properties. According to the purpose, there are steel crucibles, copper crucibles, gold crucibles, and analytical crucibles.

The production technology level of domestic graphite crucibles has reached or even surpassed imported crucibles. High-quality domestic graphite crucibles have the following characteristics:
1. The high density of graphite crucibles makes crucibles have the best thermal conductivity, and its thermal conductivity is significantly better than other imported crucibles. ; Graphite crucible Graphite crucible .
2. The graphite crucible has a special glaze layer and dense molding material, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the product and prolongs its service life.
3. The graphite components in the graphite crucible are all natural graphite with thermal conductivity very good. After the graphite crucible is heated, it should not be placed on a cold metal table immediately to prevent it from cracking due to rapid cooling.
Graphite crucible
1. The specification number of the crucible is the capacity of copper (kg)
2. The graphite crucible must be kept in a dry place or on a wooden rack when stored.
3. Handle with care when transporting, and it is strictly prohibited to drop and shake.
4. Before use, it needs to be baked by drying equipment or furnace, and the temperature is gradually increased to 500°C.
5. The crucible should be placed below the surface of the furnace mouth to prevent the furnace cover from wearing the upper mouth of the crucible.
6. Adding materials should be based on the melting amount of the crucible. Do not add too much material and prevent the crucible from being compressed.
7. The out of the furnace and the crucible clamp should conform to the shape of the crucible. The middle part of the clamp should prevent the crucible from being damaged by force.
8. When pulling out the molten slag and coke on the inner and outer walls of the crucible, tap it to prevent damage to the crucible.
9. A suitable distance should be kept between the crucible and the furnace wall, and the crucible should be placed in the middle of the furnace.
10. Appropriate use of combustion aids and additives will reduce the service life of the crucible.
11. During use, turning the crucible once a week can prolong the service life of the crucible.
12. Prevent the strong corrosive flame from directly spraying the side and bottom mound of the crucible.

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