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Needle coke price increase in July, downstream graphite electrodes rose by 20%.

As the price of iron ore continues to rise, the cost of blast furnace steelmaking will continue to rise, and the cost advantage of electric furnace steelmaking using scrap steel as raw material is reflected.

Today’s importance:

The price of UHP600 in India’s graphite electrode market will rise from 2.9 million rupees/ton to 340,000 rupees/ton, and the implementation period is from July to September 21; the price of HP450mm electrodes is expected to rise from the current 225,000 rupees/ton To 275,000 rupees/ton (increased by 22%).

It is reported that the main reason for this price increase is the increase in the cost of imported needle coke. From the current US$1500-1800/ton to more than US$2000/ton in July 21, the price increase will be in the range of 11% to 33%, or even higher.

Impregnated grapihite electrodes (3)

Post time: Jun-24-2021